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Dropbox traffic infrastructure: Edge network

This post was originally written by Oleg Guba and Alexey Ivanov on the Dropbox Blog. Reposted with permission. In this post we will describe the Edge network part of Dropbox traffic

Open Policy Agent with Torin Sandall

Policies define which users and applications can access and modify resources in a computer system. In a file system, a user might have permission to read or write to a file. In a cloud

Capacity planning for Etsy’s web and API clusters

This Article was originally written by Daniel Schauenberg on Code as Craft. Reposted with permission. Capacity planning for the web and API clusters powering has historically

An Introduction to Database Reliability

Gone are the days of the monolithic SQL database application. Startups and enterprise are leveraging distributed datastores spread across the cloud to solve their data problems. The

Database Reliability Engineering with Laine Campbell

Over the last decade, cloud computing made it easier to programmatically define what infrastructure we have running, and perform operations across that infrastructure. This is called