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AI Tools for Game Development with Igor Poletaev and Nathan Yu

Inworld is a company that provides tools for game studios to add AI-driven gameplay. They are at the leading edge of using generative AI in game development, and have worked with

C++ Static Analysis with Abbas Sabra

Static analysis is the examination of code without executing the program. It’s used to identify potential errors, code quality issues, security vulnerabilities, and adherence to

Climate Tech Investing with Tom Biegala

Bison Ventures invests in frontier technology companies that use innovative science and deep technology. A key pillar of their investment portfolio is climate technology. Tom Biegala is

Luma AI with Barkley Dai and Karan Ganesan

Luma AI develops technologies at the forefront of AI and graphics. They created a text-to-3D tool that functions like Midjourney but for generating 3D models. Another tool makes

AI at Redis with Brian Sam-Bodden

Redis is an in-memory database that can be used for caching, vector search, and as a message broker. Brian Sam-Bodden is a Senior Applied AI Engineer at Redis. He joins the show to talk