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Our Editorial Philosophy

Software Engineering Daily started as a daily podcast about how to build software. Following my own interests, the show evolved toward a discussion of how to create a software company as


There are multiple paths to constructing a piece of software from start to finish. An individual programmer can build an entire product from scratch in a couple days. A giant corporation

Poker and Software Engineering

The last editorial we did was 10 Philosophies for Engineers. Listeners enjoyed that episode, so we decided to do another. 10 Philosophies was a collection of beliefs I have about the

Competition in the Open Source Ecosystem

From Eric Sammer’s answer via Quora: At Cloudera (company) we regularly work on open source code right along side our competitors. I tend to joke that the engineers at our competitors

President Obama’s Hour of Code

From Hadi Partovi’s answer via Quora: This is a great story. Code.org launched in February, 2013 with a video (What Most Schools Don’t Teach).  At that time, we had little more