Sean Falconer

Sean Falconer

Sean Falconer is Head of Developer Relations at Skyflow, an all-in-one data privacy solution delivered as a simple API. Prior to Skyflow, Sean was Head of Developer Relations for Google’s Business Communications product suite.

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Privacy in the Age of Generative AI

On a recent trip to my hometown in Eastern Canada, my father picked me up at the airport. One of the first things he asked me was, “Is AI going to take everyone’s jobs?”. When AI,

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From the widely recognized GDPR in Europe to Brazil’s LGPD regulations, and the more recent introduction of India’s DPDP law, over 100 countries now have some form of privacy

The Data Cloud’s Cheese and Diamond Problem

In any given week, if you search the news for “data breach”, you’ll see headlines like the ones below. Companies like MGM and Caesars spend millions of dollars on firewalls,

Building a Privacy-Preserving LLM-Based Chatbot

As Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI continue to grow more sophisticated and available, many organizations are starting to build, fine-tune, and customize LLMs based on

One Snowflake, Multiple Vaults: A Solution to Data Residency

Data residency requirements, which govern where sensitive data can be stored or processed in the cloud (or in an on-prem server) are a common feature of many modern data protection laws.