Shopify’s Hydrogen Framework with Ben Sehl

A headless software architecture decouples the frontend, or the “head”, from the backend. This separation allows developers to manage the UI layer independently of the backend logic and data management.

Hydrogen is Shopify’s open-source headless framework for building custom storefronts. It’s React-based and is focused on performance and flexible UI components.

Ben Sehl is a Senior Product Lead at Shopify where he works on Hydrogen and the storefront developer experience. He joins the show to talk about his engineering background, the motivation for creating Hydrogen, Hydrogen versus the Liquid templating language, and much more.

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Full Disclosure: This episode is sponsored by Shopify

Josh Goldberg is an independent full time open source developer in the TypeScript ecosystem. He works on projects that help developers write better TypeScript more easily, most notably on typescript-eslint: the tooling that enables ESLint and Prettier to run on TypeScript code. Josh regularly contributes to open source projects in the ecosystem such as ESLint and TypeScript. Josh is a Microsoft MVP for developer technologies and the author of the acclaimed Learning TypeScript (O’Reilly), a cherished resource for any developer seeking to learn TypeScript without any prior experience outside of JavaScript. Josh regularly presents talks and workshops at bootcamps, conferences, and meetups to share knowledge on TypeScript, static analysis, open source, and general frontend and web development.

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