Celeste and Platform Game Engineering with Noel Berry

Celeste is a critically acclaimed action platformer developed by Extremely OK Games. They recently released Celeste 64 which is an open source project to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the original Celeste, and development of their next major game, Earthblade, is underway.

Noel Berry is a programmer at Extremely OK Games and he joins the show to talk about developing Celeste and Earthblade, gameplay engineering, the state of C# versus C++ for game development, and more.

Joe Nash is a developer, educator, and award-winning community builder, who has worked at companies including GitHub, Twilio, Unity, and PayPal. Joe got his start in software development by creating mods and running servers for Garry’s Mod, and game development remains his favorite way to experience and explore new technologies and concepts.

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