Codecademy with Zoe Bachman

Codecademy is an online platform that offers classes on languages including Python, Go, JavaScript, C++, and many others.

Zoe Bachman is the Senior Curriculum Director at Codecademy and designs courses for the platform. She joins the podcast to talk about her work there.

Josh Goldberg is an independent full time open source developer in the TypeScript ecosystem. He works on projects that help developers write better TypeScript more easily, most notably on typescript-eslint: the tooling that enables ESLint and Prettier to run on TypeScript code. Josh regularly contributes to open source projects in the ecosystem such as ESLint and TypeScript. Josh is a Microsoft MVP for developer technologies and the author of the acclaimed Learning TypeScript (O’Reilly), a cherished resource for any developer seeking to learn TypeScript without any prior experience outside of JavaScript. Josh regularly presents talks and workshops at bootcamps, conferences, and meetups to share knowledge on TypeScript, static analysis, open source, and general frontend and web development.

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If you lead a development team you know that dev environments often break, causing lost productivity and delaying time-to-market.

OS differences make reproducing software issues tough, even with Docker.

Meanwhile, devices with sensitive source code and permissive network access present huge security challenges, especially in banking, telecommunications, and healthcare.

Because of these issues, organizations often resort to non-developer-friendly solutions like homegrown VMs or VDIs, compromising developer experience for security.

Imagine starting your development environment with one command, knowing it meets all security and compliance needs.

Gitpod makes this a reality.

With Gitpod’s cloud development environments, developers get pre-configured tools, libraries, and access instantly, with zero download time.

Gitpod environments are ephemeral, meaning they are short-lived.

Developers get a new environment if theirs breaks, and security teams rest easy knowing vulnerabilities are contained and destroyed with the click of a button.

Gitpod can be self-hosted and is trusted by over 1 million developers. 

Visit to get started with 50 hours free per month.

WorkOS is a modern identity platform built for B2B SaaS, providing a quicker path to land enterprise deals.

It provides flexible APIs for authentication, user identity, and complex features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

It’s a drop-in replacement for Auth0 (auth-zero) and supports up to 1 million monthly active users for free. Today, hundreds of high-growth scale-ups are already powered by WorkOS, including ones you probably know, like Vercel, Webflow, Perplexity, and Drata.

Recently, WorkOS announced the acquisition of Warrant, the Fine Grained Authorization service. Warrant’s product is based on a groundbreaking authorization system called Zanzibar, which was originally designed by Google to power Google Docs and YouTube. This enables fast authorization checks at enormous scale while maintaining a flexible model that can be adapted to even the most complex use cases.

If you are currently looking to build Role-Based Access Control or other enterprise features like SAML , SCIM, or user management, check out to get started for free.

Notion isn’t just a platform; it’s a game-changer for collaboration. Whether you’re part of a Fortune 500 company or a freelance designer, Notion brings teams together like never before. Notion AI turns knowledge into action.

From summarizing meeting notes and automatically generating action items, to getting answers to any question in seconds. If you can think it, you can make it. Notion is a place where any team can write, plan, organize, and rediscover the joy of play.

Dive into Notion for free today at

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