Full Stack JavaScript with Wes Bos

Wes Bos has created popular courses on React, GraphQL, and JavaScript. With hundreds of thousands of students, Wes has earned a cult following for his fun, practical lessons on web development. The courses produced by Wes teach developers how to build useful applications such as a complete e-commerce store.

Wes has built a career around studying and evangelizing JavaScript. His approach to education centers around practice, repetition, and hacking on fun projects. He also co-hosts a podcast called SyntaxFM, and is a frequent Twitter user.

Wes is a rare mix of developer, teacher, businessman, and designer. Throughout his work, there is an artist’s sense of attention to detail, and a modern entrepreneur’s sense of pricing and marketing. His sites, such as JavaScript30 and React For Beginners have the deliberate style of someone who has been building websites for a very, very long time.In today’s episode, Wes Bos joins the show to give his perspective on JavaScript, entrepreneurship, and podcasting. To learn more about Wes’s business and his background, check out the IndieHackers podcast with him.


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