High Growth Handbook with Elad Gil

When a startup finds product market fit, the adoption of that product can grow rapidly, turning a startup into a high growth company.

All of a sudden, a startup that was struggling to find its first customer is bombarded with new challenges. The startup has to hire tens of new employees. This requires raising capital, so the startup has to meet with investors and lawyers. A rapid influx of new customers puts a strain on the engineering and customer service elements of the company.

There is too much to do, and there is only so much time in a day.

The CEO of the high-growth company is up late into the night, answering emails and losing sleep. But these are good problems to have, and the company is in a state of exuberance. The CEO must balance psychological health with the stressful task of scaling a company.

Elad Gil is an entrepreneur and author of “High Growth Handbook”, a book of lessons and guidelines about how to navigate a startup that has found product market fit, and is beginning to scale. High Growth Handbook includes interviews with experienced entrepreneurs such as Marc Andreessen and Patrick Collison, whom Elad met with as he wrote the book.

Elad joins the show to discuss his book, and his own personal lessons of working with companies such as Twitter, Google, Stripe, and Coinbase. Elad has worked at several high growth companies and invested in others, and he has gathered a lot of wisdom from these different experiences.


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