Building a Hiring Process with Ammon Bartram

Engineers who start companies often find themselves building something they have no experience with: a hiring process.

Hiring engineers today is not as systematic as building software. We don’t have lots of data that tells us what makes for an effective programming interview question. The smartest tech companies in the world are still making hiring mistakes–often through the “false negative” of rejecting candidates who did not do well in their interview process or through the “false positive” of hiring candidates who did well in the interview, but were not a good fit for the job.

If you are a hiring manager or a company founder, you will eventually have to build a hiring process. If you don’t treat that hiring process scientifically, you will likely make some mistakes.

Ammon Bartram has conducted more than 1000 interviews with engineers, accumulating a vast amount of data. This data was gathered deliberately and scientifically, through closely tracked interview questions and a consistent end-to-end process for the job candidate. Ammon joins the show to talk about the data set he has accumulated, the conclusions from all of these interviews, and how engineering organizations can use this data to develop a smart, data-driven hiring process.

Ammon is co-founder of Triplebyte, a company that helps match engineers and tech companies. Triplebyte also publishes lots of research and blog articles about conducting good interviews, developer salaries, and bootcamps vs. computer science degrees. Full disclosure: Triplebyte is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily. (However, Ammon has been a guest several times before on the show, since before Triplebyte was a sponsor, and I always enjoy getting to talk to him.)


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