JAM Stack with Phil Hawksworth

Engineers can build applications faster by using tools that abstract away infrastructure. Major cloud providers offer this tooling in the form of functions-as-a-service, as well as managed services such as Google BigQuery or Azure Container Instances.

The term “serverless” refers to these functions-as-a-service and the managed services–because when you use these tools, you are not making calls to specific servers–you are making calls to APIs that abstract away the servers from you, while guaranteeing uptime and reliability. In previous shows we have covered Heroku, Firebase, serverless functions, serverless event driven application development, and a few startups that are built almost entirely on serverless infrastructure.

“Serverless” is a way of describing backend services that are represented by an API. But what about the rest of the application stack that you use to build on top of serverless? You still need to use JavaScript to define the custom code of your application. You still need to use HTML markup to describe the look and feel of your application.

The “JAM Stack” is a way of building applications consisting of JavaScript, APIs, and markup. Phil Hawksworth is the head of developer relations at Netlify, and he joins the podcast to explain how these JAM Stack applications are developed and deployed, and how developers can use the JAM stack to rapidly build new systems.


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