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Go Systems with Erik St. Martin

Go is a language designed to improve systems programming. Go includes abstractions that simplify aspects of low level engineering that are historically difficult—concurrency, resource

Enterprise Smart Contracts with Marley Gray

We sign many different types of contracts throughout our lives. We sign a mortgage to get a loan for a house. When we go to the hospital, we sign a piece of paper that defines how our

Serverless Systems with Eduardo Laureano

On Software Engineering Daily, we have been covering the “serverless” movement in detail. For people who don’t use serverless functions, it seems like a niche. Serverless functions

Developer Stereotypes with Sue Loh

Sue Loh is a software engineer and author of a book with the goal of breaking developer stereotypes. Stereotyping among developers leads to bad outcomes. When incorrect assumptions are

Kubernetes Vision with Brendan Burns

Kubernetes has become the standard system for deploying and managing clusters of containers. But the vision of the project goes beyond managing containers. The long-term goal is to