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C# Compiler and Language Design at Microsoft with Jared Parsons

Language and compiler design are fundamental aspects of computer science. High-level languages are how most developers interact with computers, so it’s hard to overstate the

Pulumi: Infrastructure as Code with Joe Duffy

Infrastructure-as-code allows developers to use programming languages to define the architecture of their software deployments, including servers, load balancers, and databases.  There

Citus Data: Founding to Acquisition with Umur Cubukcu

A new database company needs to solve numerous problems in order to succeed. There are already lots of existing database companies, so a new company needs to find a way to strongly

Service Mesh Interface with Lachlan Evenson

Containers offer a lightweight abstraction for running a server. Cloud providers are able to manage billions of containers from different users, allowing for economies of scale so that

DevSecOps with Edward Thomson

DevSecOps emphasizes moving security out of a siloed audit process and distributing security practices throughout the software supply chain. In the past, software development usually