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LiveBlocks with Guillaume Salles

Creating great creative tools is extremely difficult. There are thousands of paths a user could take, and every aspect of the user experience has to be carefully considered and optimized

Winning Isn’t the Only Way to Win

But winning can be quite nice, too. You’d think that even in Silicon Valley, five thousand dollars ($4000 for top project, $1000 for second) would be motivating, but at the FindCollabs

Conventional Wisdom and the Value of Convening

This past Saturday, I walked into App Academy’s classroom on Battery, unsure what I would do. I knew it would be full of strangers, but I was unsure how many. All I knew was that I
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Discoverability at the FindCollabs Hackathon

Attendees at the San Francisco branch of the FindCollabs hackathon were, in some ways, representative of the larger culture of the Bay Area tech world. We came from all over. We varied

Finding Collaborators and Feeling Free

On the beat, I paused the music, put down the finger I had been waving in the air, and then clicked back to my tab. Fingers poised above my keyboard, I looked up. Jeff
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