relational database

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Timescale: Time Series Databases with Mike Freedman

For some data problems, you may be more concerned with the state of data at a particular point. A ticket is booked, or it’s not. How many poetry submissions were made to the contest?

CockroachDB with Peter Mattis

A relational database often holds critical operational data for a company, including user names and financial information. Since this data is so important, a relational database must be

Distributed SQL with Karthik Ranganathan and Sid Choudhury

Relational databases provide durable transactional systems for storing data. The relational model has existed for decades, but the requirements for a relational database have changed.

Cloud Database Workloads with Jon Daniel

Relational databases such as Postgres are often used for critical workloads, such as user account data. To run a relational database service in the cloud requires a cloud provider to set