Reinforcement Learning with Michal Kempa

Reinforcement learning is a type of machine learning where a program learns how to take actions in an environment based on how that program has been rewarded for actions it took in the past. When program takes an action, and it receives a reward for that action, it is likely to take that action again in the future because it was positively reinforced.

Michal Kempka is a computer scientist work works on VizDoom, an AI research platform for reinforcement learning, with co-creators Marek Wydmuch, Grzegorz Runc, Jakub Toczek, Wojciech Jaśkowski. VizDoom is based on the first-person dungeon game Doom. In VizDoom, an autonomous agent navigates through a maze avoiding enemies.

Reinforcement learning is a widely used tool for machine learning, and we will be doing more shows in the future that explain how it works in further detail.

Show Notes

Cornell University Library: VizDoom


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