Hybrid Mobile Apps with Adam Bradley

Building a mobile app requires developers to build a separate version for Android and iOS. The approval process for app stores makes it difficult to deploy quickly and iterate in small batches for developers who are making native apps. These frictions cause fewer developers to write mobile apps than we would have if the smartphone platform was unified.

Since the early days of the smartphone, different cross platform solutions have been tried, and many developers got burned after they implemented an app that was supposed to work on iOS and Android, when the performance ended up being poor on both. Today, the cross-platform solutions are finally getting good with frameworks like React Native and Ionic.

Ionic allows developers to write apps in AngularJS and deploy them to both Android and iOS. In this episode, Adam Bradley from Ionic gives a brief history of cross-platform apps, and explains what is different today–and why cross platform apps are exploding in popularity, particularly in large enterprises.


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