Commodity Discussion with Preethi Kasireddy

A previous episode of Software Engineering Daily called “You Are Not A Commodity” received a lot of feedback, both negative and positive. The episode was a monologue I wrote about why engineers should build products on their own as a default career path, rather than work at a large corporation as a default career path.


A reddit thread about the episode was almost entirely negative. Most of the emails I received about the episode were very positive. Other regular listeners wrote in and said they had mixed feelings. One of those listeners was Preethi Kasireddy, a previous guest of the show.
In this episode, Preethi gives some counterarguments and questions the ideas that were presented in the “You Are Not A Commodity” episode. This will be a useful discussion for anyone who is thinking about their career path, and whether to go work for a company or do something on their own.


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