Hiring Engineers with Ammon Bartram

Hiring engineers with Triplebyte


“Humans are the most complicated thing out there – judging human skill is extremely hard, there’s all kinds of ways that people can be good.”

Triplebyte is a technical hiring platform that vets engineers using a comprehensive evaluation platform and connects them to companies that are interesting in hiring them. Triplebyte was part of the Y Combinator summer class of 2015.

Ammon Bartram is the Chief Data Officer and cofounder of Triplebyte. Previously, Ammon was lead video developer at Justin.tv and also cofounded SocialCam.


  • Why are programming job interviews broken?
  • Who do Y Combinator companies want to hire?
  • Why do companies seem to prefer engineers with product experience over academic experience?
  • Are there any markers we can rely on for hiring?
  • How do you scale such a labor-intensive process like hiring?
  • What is one piece of advice you would give to companies to improve their hiring process?
  • What’s the best way for a candidate to hack the system?



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