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Designing for Drunk Users with Austin Knight

“Your product or your website should be so simple and so well designed that even a drunk person could use it.” Continue reading…
drunk user

Developer Tea with Jonathan Cutrell

“Our field moves so quickly that learning is kind of a fundamental skill – not every field is that way.” Continue reading…
developer tea

Mesosphere and Tech Journalism with Derrick Harris

“The business of technology and the technology of technology are kind of converging if you ask me. And there is definitely a space for some publications that don’t have decades of

Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman

“You’ve listened to podcasts where you gotta fast forward 8-9 minutes in before the actual meat happens.” Continue reading…

Learning Machines with Richard Golden

“When I was a graduate student, I was sitting in the office of my advisor in electrical engineering and he said, ‘Look out that window – you see a Volkswagon, I see a realization
learning machines 101