Deep Learning

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Reinforcement Learning and Robotics with Nathan Lambert

Reinforcement learning is a paradigm in machine learning that uses incentives- or “reinforcement”- to drive learning. The learner is conceptualized as an intelligent agent working

Drishti: Deep Learning for Manufacturing with Krish Chaudhury (Repeat)

Originally published April 17, 2019 Drishti is a company focused on improving manufacturing workflows using computer vision. A manufacturing environment consists of assembly lines. A

Deepgram: End-to-End Speech Recognition with Scott Stephenson

Deepgram is an end-to-end deep learning platform for speech recognition. Unlike the general purpose APIs from Google or Amazon, Deepgram models are custom-trained for each customer.

LinkedIn Data Infrastructure

LinkedIn has become a staple for the modern professional, whether it’s used for searching for a new job, reading industry news, or keeping up with professional connections.  As a

Drishti: Deep Learning for Manufacturing with Krish Chaudhury

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