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Transpiler Tradeoffs: TypeScript, CoffeeScript, ES6

ES6 JavaScript will give you most of what TypeScript and CoffeeScript give you, without all the transpiling. *  originally posted on Quora by Quincy Larson * ES6 will soon be standard in every browser, so you won’t need Babel to transpile it any more. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript – all JavaScript programs will run in TypeScript will perform compile-time type checking, and give you more and better error

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5 Reasons Why JavaScript is a Big Deal in 2015

JavaScript is becoming the lingua franca of programming languages. As Yad Faeq mentions in our podcast episode, there are numerous reasons this is happening. Compile-time support: CoffeeScript and TypeScript both allow catching of errors at compile-time, which is useful in a dynamic language like JavaScript. Server-side compatibility: this has been around for awhile but Node.js raises the bar on JavaScript compile time by going straight to machine code via V8, with no bytecode

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