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PhD in Computer Science: Advantages and Disadvantages

From Tracy Chou’s answer via Quora: Advantages career opportunities A Computer Science Ph.D gives you a huge advantage for industry research labs, like Google Research. On occasion such labs accept people who only have master’s degrees, but this is extremely rare. A CS PhD also gives you an advantage for some quantitative finance positions, assuming your PhD is mathematical and algorithmic in nature. For some companies (typically larger ones), having a CS

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PhD Student Emotions: The 4 Phases

From Matt Might’s answer via Quora: I got my Ph.D. in CS, dabbled in start-ups (once unsuccessfully, once with marginal success) and then returned to academia as a professor.  I’ll contrast these two lifestyles as best I can. The Ph.D. student experience follows a predictable path: Phase I: Excitement. Phase II: Depression. Phase III: Excitement. Phase IV: Extreme depression or extreme excitement. Phase I is when new Ph.D. students get excited

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