Data Visualization

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Streamlit with Amanda Kelly

The importance of data teams is undeniable. Most companies today use data to drive decision-making on anything from software feature development to product strategy, hiring and

Uber’s Data Visualization Tools with Ib Green

Uber needs to visualize data on a range of different surfaces. A smartphone user sees cars moving around on a map as they wait for their ride to arrive. Data scientists and operations

Druid Analytics with Jad Naous

Large companies generate large volumes of data. This data gets dumped into a data lake for long-term storage, then pulled into memory for processing and analysis. Once it is in memory,

Data Visualization with Sherman Wood and Chad Lumley

Data visualization is the presentation of data in a way that emphasizes certain qualities about that data. Data visualization can be used to prove a specific point, or it can be used as

Data Visualization and Mapping with Aurelia Moser

“I’m always worried that if you teach too much magic, people don’t learn the basics – they don’t know why something is working, they just know the documentation said it should