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Platform Engineering with Cory O’Daniel

Platform engineering is difficult to get right, and in the age of DevOps and cloud computing, software developers increasingly serve as platform engineers while they’re building

Postman and the Growth of APIs with Joyce Lin

If you’re a developer, you’ve probably worked with an API, or application programming interface. An API is a set of rules for how to communicate with an applications or

AI for Software Delivery with Birgitta Böckeler

AI-assisted software delivery refers to the utilization of artificial intelligence to assist, enhance, or automate various phases of the software development lifecycle. AI can be used in

An update about SED from Jeff’s family

In memory of Software Engineering Daily Founder, Jeff Meyerson. 1988 – 2022 Jeff founded Software Engineering Daily in 2015 and hosted the podcast until 2022. He was willful, hard

Simplifying Documentation with Sébastien Lorber

In the realm of modern software development, clear and comprehensive documentation is essential for guiding users and contributors alike. Developers often struggle to create, manage, and