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Data Warehouse ETL with Matthew Scullion

A data warehouse provides low latency access to large volumes of data.  A data warehouse is a crucial piece of infrastructure for a large company, because it can be used to answer

Anyscale with Ion Stoica

Machine learning applications are widely deployed across the software industry.  Most of these applications used supervised learning, a process in which labeled data sets are used to

Flink and BEAM Stream Processing with Maximilian Michels

Distributed stream processing systems are used to read large volumes of data and perform operations across those data streams.  These stream processing systems often build off of the

Druid Analytics with Jad Naous

Large companies generate large volumes of data. This data gets dumped into a data lake for long-term storage, then pulled into memory for processing and analysis. Once it is in memory,

The Data Exchange with Ben Lorica

Data infrastructure has been transformed over the last fifteen years.  The open source Hadoop project led to the creation of multiple companies based around commercializing the