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Software Journalism at GeekWire with Todd Bishop

“Our justice system in general – even if you look at things like our regulatory system, our patent system – I think it has a very hard time keeping up with the current pace of
software journalism

Socket.IO and Realtime Applications with Guillermo Rauch

“Events provide a very nice organization over persistent connections and that’s why we chose them. We think they’re also a very fundamental way of thinking about systems.”

Bridge Foundry with Sarah Allen

“If we don’t have all of the people represented in the creation activities, I don’t believe we’re going to end up with the solutions that we need for our society.” Technology
bridge foundry

Continuous Delivery and Test Automation with Flo Motlik

“It’s Friday night and you’re basically out of the office on your way to meet with friends. And you just merge this thing and put it into production because you have that trust
continuous delivery and test automation

Data Science at Monsanto with Tim Williamson

“Nothing’s cool unless you call it ‘as a service.’ ” Monsanto is a company that is known for its chemical and biological engineering. It is less well known for its data science
monsanto data science