NBSafety for Jupyter Notebooks with Stephen Macke

The notebook paradigm of coding is relatively new in comparison to REPLs and IDEs.  Notebooks run in your browser and give you discrete cells for running segments of code.  All the code in a single cell runs at once, but cells run independently.  Cells can be re-run, which is a blessing and a curse.  The ability to run cells out of order can make it difficult for users to have a clear understanding of what else they might want to re-compute.  The NB Safety project is an easy-to-install tool for automated management of notebook states which can help you catch bugs early.

Stephen Mackey is a Ph.D. student in the Data and Information Systems laboratory at UIUC.  In this episode, we discuss Jupyter Notebooks, the development of a custom kernel, and how NB Safety can help notebook users.

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