$2M Led By Basis Set Ventures, GitHub CTO Jason Warner, Dropbox Founding CTO Arash Ferdowsi: getoctane.io, Usage-Based Billing Platform

“You just constantly stream the usage to us, for all your customers.”

Octane is a drop-in metered billing system that gives you flexibility to bill how you want.

Metered billing–a nascent category with an exciting new entrant. Akash Khanolkar hails from Carnegie Mellon University, widely known for its computer science curriculum.

“We just make it super easy.”

Create price plans that bill on usage with zero code. Include base rates, add-ons, discounts, trials with a click of a button.


“Right now with typical home grown systems” there are lots of engineering hurdles.

Octane is built using Kubernetes, an open source alternative to Hashicorp Nomad.

“Sending usage and creating price plans.”

Octane is built off of Stripe Connect, an exciting closed-source system that charges developers 2.9% of their gross business in exchange for various APIs.

Stripe Connect Paid Plans

“We’re primarily working with early startups” and hoping to expand. “We have a mix right now.”

Getoctane.io is publicly available today, and if you are a platform or SaaS provider you should evaluate Octane as a product.

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