Net Neutrality with Quincy Larson


Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers and governments regulating the internet should treat all data on the internet the same. Debates around Net Neutrality can be as contentious as subjects like global warming, or tabs vs. spaces.

To a hardcore free market economist, Net Neutrality sounds suspicious. Why would it be good for the government to regulate prices on the data that passes around wires owned by a corporation? The problem is that a large portion of the United States can only be served by wires owned by a single company. In those instances, the company that owns the wires has monopoly pricing power over the data delivered to homes in those geographic regions.

Quincy Larson is the founder of Free Code Camp and a frequent author of internet-based articles on Medium. He returns to Software Engineering Daily to make the case for Net Neutrality. I was convinced by some of his arguments and less convinced by others. In any case, I think you will find this episode entertaining and informative.

If you are like me, after this episode you will have at least a slightly better understanding of the issues surrounding Net Neutrality.

Show Notes

Inside the Invisible War for the Open Internet


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