Solar Investment and Architectural Strategy at Wunder Capital

Solar energy is a growing market. Improvements in hardware have led to some people predicting that solar energy will be powering the world within the next few decades. Undoubtedly, a large percentage of our current energy infrastructure will be replaced by solar in the near future. Replacing our old, inefficient power grid requires massive investment.

On Software Engineering Daily, the resources we usually talk about are memory, bandwidth, storage, and other computer science concepts. David Reiss joins us today to talk about energy, which is a resource so fundamental that we usually don’t even consider it. David is the CTO of Wunder Capital, a fintech company that facilitates investments in solar power.

Much of this conversation centers on the economics of the solar energy market, but we also discuss software topics–machine learning and why Wunder Capital’s software architecture is a monolith by design today.

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