Ethereum Skepticism with Stephan Tual, CCO of Ethereum

Ethereum reporting in the podcast media shows a large hype-to-substance ratio.

Technical and financial criticisms facing Ethereum are as real as those faced by bitcoin. This episode is a departure from Databases Week.



Stephan Tual is CCO of Ethereum and founder of Ursium, a blockchain consulting company.

Thanks to Reddit and Quora for questions.


  • Was Vitalik correct in his allocation of millions of ether to early contributors?
  • Will the Swarm file system support versioning in the git-like way IPFS does?
  • What are the future funding options for the Ethereum team?
  • Why is Turing completeness a feature rather than a bug?
  • Given the amount of cash remaining from the presale, what staffing levels and mix of people are anticipated over the next 12 months?
  • Is Ethereum a distraction for people who would be better served working on Bitcoin?
  • Why is Ethereum more scalable than bitcoin + sidechains?


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